MY FOREX INDICATORS AND EXPERT ADVISORS,1999:blog-4482557043386554332020-11-07T01:24:45.887-08:00MY FOREX INDICATORS AND EXPERT ADVISORSs.m.i.[email protected],مؤشر فوركس مجاني نسبة نجاحه %90 FREE FOREX INDICATOR FOR 1 MINUTE MT4 CHARTS - WIN RATIO IS MORE THAN +90%مؤشر فركس مجاني نسبة نجاحه اكبر من 90% لفريم الدقيقة فقط سكالبنغ قمت ببرمجته لوجه الله تعالى - انا مهندس متقاعد احاول ان اساعد المتداولين العرب - انا مشترك في فوركس فاكتوري من اكثر من 6 سننوات و ترتيبي عالي من اعلى 2 هناك - سوف اقوم بتنزيل نفس المؤشر لكي يعمل على على 5 و 15 و 30 و 60دقيقة و 4 ساعات كل على حدة المؤشر موجود على صفحتي مجانا قم بتحميله من موقعياكبس او اضغط الرابط التالي للوصول للموقعتوجد كابتشا و انتظار 5 ثوانيتنزيل الملف مجاناs.m.i.[email protected], FOREX INDICATOR FOR 1 MINUTE MT4 CHARTS - WIN RATIO IS MORE THAN +90% Hey my friends traders,Well my name is Samer, I am a retired engineer, a retired forex trader and I write codes for MQL4 / MT4.I am a forex factory member with high impact rank. My forex factory name is samer1970.I had several heart attacks so I decided to minimize the excitement of trading and pumping Adrenaline while trading and winning or losing as this will affect my life.I am from Middle East and I am happy that you are here on my blog. Thank you!Here you will find my best FREE code for trading forex for any instrument found in your broker account inside your MT4 account such as Eur/USD for example or OIL or WTI or GOLD ….or indexes or stocks or even binary options …. Any pair that your MT4 is supporting, this indicator will cover it.on nearby future, I will arrange an expert advisor to work on this code , also free of charge, I will post it here in this blog , so keep visiting the blog.I will also post many and many free expert advisors with good wining ration also free of charge, just visit the blog and i do hope you will enjoy the results.... Now, for the important matters:This indicator has a winning ratio of +90%It has only one and only one item you can change, it is only the period, and it is that only. Easy.You can change the period as per your wish, but I am showing in the pop up screen for each time frame the best periodFor example for 1 minute time frame the best is from 150 to 250, but you can change this item as you like.If you like to see the video again, you can use the link here YOU TUBE VIDEOI have programmed this indicator to work on MT4 onlyIt is FREE of charge for the God sake only to help the traders. it can be loaded on any MT4 Rev. and it will work smoothly, no need for any updates.Be aware that I made the code to work on one time frame alone, so, if the code for 1 minute time frame, then it will not work on time frame for example 15 minutes and so on.And why is that, is to help you to work on one time frame, and to download each indicator alone and this will help you to stop playing here and there on your MT4 and confusing yourself.How to use it:After you download the indicator, and compile it as normal procedure in MT4, then you attach it to the chart of the assigned time frame as explained above Only.Buy from bottomSell from topSimpleMake your set points of bottom or top on the indicator on the chart by horizontal line for more better results.Now for the stop loss, I do recommend to use 250 points at which it is 25 pipsDirect For the exit points, you can be sure of the followings:If you buy a trade when the indicator was red from bottom, you exit on green colorIf you sell a trade when the indicator was green from top, you exit on red coloruse only the time frame indicated in the indicator Here is the link of the indicator.. exe file ..EnjoyFREE - DOWNLOAD FILEThank you for downloadingSamer1970P.S. Please note that there is captcha before downloading the indicator with 5 second waiting  for any link here, please this is for counting how many times it is being down loaded and how many times the website is being visited from you tube.Here is the direct way to download the file, please be advised that blog does not allow bloggers to download easily the files, so these pictures here are made to help you to download the file into your computer.After downloading the file into your computer, copy the exe file into the MQL4 - indicators directory  and close the MQL4, close the MT4 and then open the MT4, then the exe file will be shown in the indicators ...ENJOYs.m.i.[email protected]